1931 Ford Model “A” Convertible Sedan

About this vehicle

The Convertible Sedan was introduced in the last year of Model “A” production. The aesthetic talents of Henry Ford’s son, Edsel undoubtedly influenced this car’s sophisticated European design. The Convertible Sedan was marketed to customers of higher priced brands who either could no longer afford or did not want to be seen driving a conspicuous luxury car during the depression.
The car’s design features fixed side window frames combined with a convertible top. Premium luxury car features were applied to this model. The interior is richly upholstered in top quality leather. The driver’s seat is adjustable. There are twin side mounted spare tires with chrome plated covers. The car is also equipped with cowl lamps, dual tail lamps, a trunk rack, a radiator stone guard, and a Moto-Meter (to monitor coolant temperature). The car was deliberately styled to look like an 8/10th scale “baby” Lincoln.


  • Engine: 4-cylinger, 201 cubic inches, side valve
  • Horsepower: 40
  • Transmission: 3-speed sliding gear
  • Original price: $640