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We have gathered some fun trips for you to look at. If none of these trips fit your interests, explore more exciting adventures that come with knowledgeable guides who bring each trip to life with education and engaging stories. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, adventure, culture, or education, we have the perfect trip for you!

Jan 12 2025 – Jan 19 2025

Oaxaca, Mexico City & Puebla

Ancient to Contemporary Art & Architecture

Who’s your Guide

Rika Burnham from The Metropolitan Museum of Art


From ancient archaeological wonders to contemporary creativity, experience some of Mexico’s most significant historical and cultural treasures on an expert-guided journey through Oaxaca, Mexico City, and Puebla. Marvel at the awe-inspiring architecture of Oaxaca’s Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán, explore the grand plazas and pyramids of Monte Albán with exclusive access, and discover rare Mixtec artifacts at the Museo de las Culturas de Oaxaca. In Mexico City, unveil the secrets of ancient Mesoamerican civilizations on a private tour of the Museo Nacional de Antropología and go behind the scenes of Frida Kahlo’s birthplace and former home, Casa Azul. Stand in awe before the world’s largest pyramid in Cholula and savor the delectable flavors of traditional Oaxacan and Pueblan cuisine throughout your journey.

Apr 9 2025 – Apr 18 2025

Cyprus, Rhodes & Turkey’s Lycian Coast

Epic Journey Across Time Aboard Emerald Azzurra

Who’s your Guide

Timothy Harrison from Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures and Christopher Noey from The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Stand in awe before the glories of the ancient Mediterranean world as you sail from Cyprus to the Greek island of Rhodes and along Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, filled with expert insights into lesser-known histories, sacred treasures, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Cruise aboard the luxurious Emerald Azzurra, uncovering the region’s hidden historical gems.

Apr 16 2025 – Apr 26 2025

Turkey to Greece

Heroes, Saints & Emperors Aboard Emerald Azzurra

Who’s your Guide

Timothy Harrison from Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures, Gregory W. Mcgonigle from Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures and Keith Christiansen from Metropolitan Museum of Art


Experience the grandeur of the Byzantine Empire by scenic sail. Set off aboard the luxurious Emerald Azzurra, cruising the Aegean Sea to explore ancient Graeco-Roman cities in Asia Minor (Turkey) and picturesque Greek island villages. Be inspired by the legacy of the Byzantine era, a time marked by rich cultural patronage and deep spiritual devotion.

Oct 10 2025 – Oct 20 2025

Valletta to Genoa

Timeless Islands of the Mediterranean Aboard Sea Cloud II

Who’s your Guide

Linda Wolk-Simon from The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Aboard the sumptuous Sea Cloud II, discover Mediterranean islands rich with history and spectacular beauty. From Malta’s capital of Valletta, sail to Sicily’s ancient port of Trapani. Discover the magnificent remnants of an ancient Greek colony that thrived in Sicily, enjoying an inside look at the marvelously well-preserved temple of Segesta, which was built in the fifth century B.C. Continue to the Italian island of Sardinia and its ancient capital of Cagliari, which traces its history back to the Phoenicians and Romans. Float along Sardinia’s west coast to Alghero, colonized by the Catalans in the 14th century. Discover Sardinia’s domed stone fortresses called nuraghi, striking evidence of an advanced Bronze Age civilization on the island.

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