“The Genius of Innovation and Creativity.”

This private, non-profit organization, Historical Society of Martin County, interprets and celebrates the genius of innovation, creativity and the historical events of Martin County and the surrounding region, all within an environment of learning and discovery.

OUR Mission

The mission of the Historical Society of Martin County

is to collect, preserve and share the history of Martin County; to provide fresh, eclectic, and relevant exhibitions and engagements for our guests; to assure that our museums are vital, responsive, and agile community gathering places that nurture an environment of creative collaboration; to serve as a catalyst for economic, artistic and cultural development, and to continuously earn the honor of being a point of pride for our community.

Vision Statement

We envision the Historical Society of Martin County’s museums and venues

As vibrant forums for the active exchange of knowledge, historical viewpoints, ideas, and passions. Agile institutions that are continuously utilized by the community as places to engage and refresh perspectives.




The Elliott Museum

Enriches the community through its wide variety of exhibits, collections, and lectures, all designed to serve the interests of the people who live in and visit the Treasure Coast.

You will enjoy our significant collection of classic cars, trucks, bicycles, and boats; baseball memorabilia; local history; Americana; a variety of art; a tribute to actress Frances Langford; and even a Foucault Pendulum.


The House Of Refuge

Step back in time to the turn of the century with a visit to the House of Refuge Museum at Gilbert’s Bar. Built as one of ten along the east coast of Florida, it is the oldest structure in Martin County and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1974 and is the only remaining House of Refuge.



Showcasing A Wide Variety Of Exhibits

The Historical Society of Martin County is the parent organization of the Elliott Museum and House of Refuge Museum. As the Elliott Museum wows guests with its renowned car and baseball collections, the House of Refuge showcases what life was like for the Keeper and his family in turn-of-the-century Florida. Both museums showcase a wide variety of exhibits, collections, and lectures, all designed to serve the interests of people who live in and visit Florida’s Treasure Coast.