1931 Ford Model “AA” School Bus … Climb aboard our bus!

About this vehicle

The motorized school bus helped to eliminate the rural one-room schoolhouse by transporting students to larger, better equipped schools that offered separate classrooms for each grade level. The rugged Model “AA” Ford chassis was the ideal platform on which to mount a school bus body. The Elliott’s bus carries an all-steel body made in Richmond, IN by the Wayne Body Company, the largest producer of school bus bodies in the US. The innovative all-steel body was introduced by Wayne in 1930 and appreciated for their strength and safety. The Elliott’s Bus is painted “Wayne Flame Orange” and does not currently have an engine or transmission installed so it’s available every day for visitors – young and old — to climb aboard, sit in the driver’s seat, take pictures, and have fun!



  • Engine: 4-cylinger, 201 cubic inches, side valve
  • Horsepower: 40
  • Transmission: Heavy duty 4-speed sliding gear
  • Original price: Unknown