1950s CurryCraft Sports Racing Car … Hand fabricated!

About this vehicle

A one-of-a-kind! This sports car/racer was hand fabricated by Jim Curry, a resident of Long Island, NY and a very talented fabricator and mechanical engineer in the early 1950s. The car’s body is entirely from hand formed welded aluminum. Curry originally powered the car with an air-cooled Harley-Davidson twin-cylinder motorcycle engine. He later replaced it with a water-cooled Crosley in-line 4-cylinder and a Crosley 4-speed transmission. This car represents part of the history of the American sports car craze of the 1950s. Soldiers returning from Europe after World War II brought small British M-Gs and other light, nimble sports cars home with them. American car makers didn’t offer any small sports cars in those days. Enterprising individuals like Jim Curry began building their own cars and raced at popular racing circuits like Watkins Glen. Before long, Briggs Cunningham, Chevrolet and Ford began production of sports cars, V-8 engines, the Corvette, and Thunderbirds. 



  • Casting Number on the engine block: R209900
  • Serial Number: CC-46 1000R