About the motor

The Evinrude Outboard Motors was a North American company that built a major brand of two-stroke outboard motors for boats. The company was founded by Ole Evinrude in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1907. The first Evinrude outboard motors weighed 62 pounds and sold for $62. The 2-cycle, one cylinder, water cooled detachable boat engine was a huge hit with the boating public. On display in the Evinrude Gallery is a 1915 Evinrude Rowboat Motor Model 13, a model 4263 Evinrude Elto Mate made between 1939-1941 which was a “tiny putt-putt” that sold for $34.50 in 1939 but discounted to $29.95 and often referred to as an “eggbeater.” Ole died in 1934 and the company was taken over by their son, Ralph. (In 1955, Ralph married movie actress and singer Frances Langford and they maintained a home in Jensen Beach). In 1936 the Evinrude company merged with the Johnson Motor Company to form the Outboard Marine Corporation. During World War II the company manufactured motors for various types of military marine craft. Also on display is the 75th Anniversary, Special Limited Edition, Model J25RCOS 1985 25 HP that was created for Ralph Evinrude by his staff and employees to celebrate Evinrude’s 75th Anniversary.