1890 Quadricycle (Velocipede) … provided basis for front wheel drive

About this Quadricycle

Sterling Elliott’s Quadricycle, patented in December 16, 1890, featured a non-turning front axle, the unequal turning of the front wheels, a differential rear axle, independent vertical action of all four wheels, and self-equalizing brakes. Prior to these inventions, farm wagons’ front wheels, via a pivoting axle turned as one. Elliott recognized that to steer effectively and independently of a fixed front axle, the front wheels had to turn at different angles to be allowed to slip. Thus, Elliott created steering knuckles that would pivot, their angles controlled by a link narrower than the axle. His Quadricycle’s steering mechanism influences automobile engineering and design to this very day. 


Weight: 62 lbs

Carry Load: 250 lbs

Price: $110