1999 Harley-Davidson MT-500

About this bike

a Rare Military Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson built approximately 500 of the MT-500s in the 1990s. The MT 500 started out in the early 1980s as the Italian-designed SWM XN Tornado. The company encountered financial difficulties, and it was bought by British motorcycle company Armstrong. Armstrong made a small number of changes and created the Armstrong MT500 which was sold in small numbers to the British, Canadian, and Jordanian militaries. By the late 1980s Harley-Davidson had bought the design, added some of their own branding, and offered it to the USA military as essentially a modern version of the classic WLA from WWII. It has a tall suspension and a flat seat that’s not exactly made for comfort. This bike is NATO-codified and was manufactured in the Harley-Davidson York, PA complex. Harley Davidson military production has been through two World Wars and continues today with the MT-350 motorcycle. Military vehicles are designed for simplicity, ruggedness, and reliability … the MT500 has all three! This MT 500 was donated to the Elliott Museum in 2024 by Randy Prange.



Engine: 504cc single cylinder, air cooled 4 valve engine

Transmission: 5-speed

Weight: 355 pounds

Mileage: 1,400 miles