1923 Ner-A-Car … nearly a car!

About this vehicle

By 1920 those who had purchased motorcycles for utilitarian use were turning to automobiles. To attract car buyer, the Ner-A-Car combined features of a car, scooter, and motorbike, but it had only limited sales success. The Ner-A-Car company was established in Syracuse, NY in 1921 with the financial backing of razor blade manufacturer, Gillette. The intention of the vehicle was to make it as near a car as possible. In 1922, “Cannonball” Baker drove one from NYC to LA averaging 20 mph and achieved 84 mpg. After a brief success, production ended in Syracuse in 1924 but continued in Great Britain until 1927.



  • Engine: 1 cylinder, 2 cycle
  • Horsepower: 2.5
  • Transmission: 5 speed