1975 CitiCar … Electric made in Sebring, FL

About this vehicle

The electric CitiCar thumbed its nose at the gasoline shortage of 1973. Made in Sebring, FL, it was the first electric car to be produced in volume since the early 1900’s. Meant for urban use at speeds of less than 35 mph, it could carry two passengers with minimal comfort. The doors are equipped with detachable side curtains rather than roll-up windows. There is a gas-powered heater, running on a small bottle of propane from a camp stove. The chassis resembles a golf cart. This car has been driven approximately 6,000 miles and could travel about 50 miles between charges. Only 2,100 vehicles were produced.



  • Engine: Series wound electric motor produced by General-Electric
  • Horsepower: 3.5
  • Transmission: Direct Drive
  • Original Price: $2,988