1965 Porsche 356-C Coupe … Highly prized!

About this vehicle

The Porsche 356-C-Coupe was designed in Germany by Ferdinand Porsche, son of the founder of the company. Introduced in 1948, the 1965-C model represents the final version of the 356 series Porsche, which was discontinued that year. These cars were and still are, prized for their nimble handling, aerodynamic design, and beautiful construction. The 356 series was replaced by the iconic 911/912 series.  



  • Layout: rear engine, rear wheel drive
  • Engine: rear mounted 1,582 cubic centimeter
  • Horsepower: 75@5,200 RPM
  • Brakes: 4-wheel discs
  • Weight: Approximately 2,000 lbs
  • Performance: Zero to 60 in 13.5 seconds
  • Original Price: $4,000 estimated