1911 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle … Top Speed 45 mph!

About this vehicle

William Harley and Arthur Davidson built their first motorcycle in 1901 but didn’t begin their company until Davidson’s brother William, came aboard in 1903. They proved their motorcycle’s speed and stamina winning many races and by 1910 were making more than 3,000 machines per year. An improved frame was introduced in 1911 with a straight down tube but the engine still was started by pedaling and power was transmitted to the rear wheel by a leather belt. The tensioned belt drive created a crude clutch that often was unreliable. L A bicycle-type rear when “coaster” brake was actuated by back pedaling.



  • Engine: 1-cylinger, air-cooled, F-head/I.O.E
  • Bhp: 4.3HP
  • Starting: Pedal Crank
  • Wheelbase: 56 Inches
  • Brakes: Coaster, Rear Only
  • Suspension: Harley-Davidson Cushion Fork / Sprung Seat
  • Weight: 235 Pounds
  • Finish: Harley-Davidson Gray
  • Top speed: 40mph (64kph)
  • Original Price: $225